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Wie die Lautsprecher aufstellen, Anleitung

Sehr gute Anleitung in englisch.

Step 1: Listening Position
The easiest way to start is to use locate your listening position using the 38% “rule” (take this with a grain of salt).

Step 2: Listening Distance
Check the manual for your loudspeakers to find the recommended listening distance.

Step 3: Speaker Layout and Height
Lay out your speakers off the listening position using one of the standards discussed. Stereo standards are here. Surround sound standards are here.

Step 4: Speaker Distance to Front and Rear Wall
To help you decide how far to put the speakers from your wall, use one of the three options given in this guide. Ideally, you will either

Flush mount them to eliminate boundary interference from the front wall. This is the only way to completely remove quarter wavelength cancellation caused by the wall behind your speakers.

Put them very close to the wall, moving the cancellation notch to a higher frequency so it can be tamed with absorption.

Place them far enough away from the wall so the cancellation notch is outside the frequency range your speakers reproduce.

Step 5: Apply Acoustic Treatment
Actually, start applying acoustic treatment as soon as you can. Your first priorities are to treat your first reflection points and place bass traps in as many corners as you can.

Your first reflection points depend on speaker placement, so if you move your speakers or listening position after treatment, make sure your refection points are still treated!

Step 6: Optimization Using Acoustic Measurements
Use acoustic measurement software like Room EQ Wizard to test your room as you try out different speaker-listener configurations.

For each configuration, view the low frequency response in high resolution to help you narrow in on the optimum placement. You want your bass response to be as flat as possible.

Step 7: Rock ‘n’ Roll!
You’re good to go! Sit back and embark on an enchanting sonic journey… through the clear waters of a transparent mix, to the euphonic world of high fidelity.
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gerade erst entdeckt, perfekt der Rechner.
Deckt sich exakt mit meinen Messungen im Raum.
Auf die Wandlautsprecher los...
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