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bei denen die solch ein Dualcore besitzen wird es dann auffallen.
Jan 14 2019
Nach diesem Update geht es.

Leider mit einer instabilen USB Verbindung reine Glücksache.

If something goes wrong during the firmware update, you may end up with a unit that has a blank white screen.

Don't Panic!

First note down what is the serial number at the bottom of the unit.

As the first test you can try to power up the unit and even if the screen is blank, connect the unit to USB and run the updater.exe again. If the unit is detected, the updater should suggest a rescue operation and you can try to update the unit again.

From serial numbers AM21130 upwards you would try this:

Remove all cables from the unit
Connect/short-circuit the left-most and right-most pin on the top row of the datalink connector (use a paper clip or a piece of wire) while plugging in the power plug, the display will remain white.
Remove the short-circuit and connect to USB.
Run Updater.exe
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