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1. Formally, the settings posted by DaveFred in #23 represent the drawing correctly.

The note in Boxsim says: "If common outer housing is used, 0,0,0 is the center of the common front side baffle."
(@nlcarbon: In my opinion, this means the center of the large baffle and NOT the small baffle.)
We are using a common housing here, and its center is 40 cm above the floor.
Therefore, y = 52.5 cm places the AL130 at 92.5 cm above the floor.

I don't think so! In my opinion it is the small baffle from the driver you are woking on. So the correct vertical Position in Room must be 72,5cm.

Maybe UweG can "bring light into the dark"

But for simulation it is more correct to use the 120x15cm instead of 40x15 baffle for AL + G25 as already said.

Edit: If iam correct I also have a mistake in my simulation #20. The horizontal position in room of the Al and G25 must be 7,5cm instead of 0 because of the 15cm smaler baffle...

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