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CD-Horn/WG Equalising

Interessanter Artikel zur Frequenzgangkorrektur von Constant Directivity- Hörnern (oder Waveguides).
Auch die Grundlagen werden beschrieben, ebenso Vor/Nachteile und dass Mikrophone dumm sind.

"...In all things audio, it's up to the individual and/or sound engineer to ensure a good, natural balance. Frequency response measurements can help, but microphones are dumb - they never 'hear' things the way we do. Ultimately, the room has a far greater influence on the final sound than anything else, but (contrary to popular belief) the room cannot be 'equalised'. Response deviations are due to reflections and time delays, and you cannot correct time with amplitude. However, you should have the tools needed to make the system sound 'decent' (excellence takes a bit more effort).

Despite the statement above, reducing the HF level can make the overall sound more balanced in an excessively 'bright' room. You absolutely cannot correct for response anomalies caused by time delay, but you can still adjust the system so it sounds more acceptable (or perhaps less unacceptable). In a venue that has failed to provide adequate room treatment you can only do what you can do. Live sound 'miracles' are rare in my experience .

The ideal equaliser will be adjustable. This allows the user to adjust the amount of boost to account for whatever happens in the venue, or even to suit personal taste. A good sound engineer ensures that the sound not only suits his/her tastes, but (and more importantly) suits expectations of the band and the audience. This applies to the mix, the overall level and the venue, so at the end of the gig everyone is as happy as they can be. This is rarely easy...."
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